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Waterford Island Hotel

Nestled on Kings Channel, moments away from Waterford City lies a luxury 310 acre private island for you & yours to enjoy.

Nature Walks & Wildlife

Explore the island and discover walking and nature trails, which allow you to see the sights of the island on foot and find the perfect picnic spot. Custom made picnic baskets can be prepared by our award-winning chefs.

With animals from badgers to deer and even hare to be found, and birds from herons to pheasants living on the island, the grounds of Waterford Castle Hotel are ideal for entertaining the kids and, as the island is a completely safe environment that offers plenty of fresh air and exercise, parents will be happy too!

With many more aspects of flora & fauna on the Island you just don’t know what you may discover


Foraging was once as common in Ireland as going to the supermarket is today. People exploited their surroundings in a sustainable way, harvesting wild fruits, nuts, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, seaweeds and shellfish, all of which were abundant in the countryside and on the seashore.

As Waterford Castle Island does not have busy roads, where exhaust fumes may have settled on the flora nor has the land been chemically sprayed it is the ideal land for foraging. On the Island our kitchen team forage Wild Sage, Wild Garlic, Thyme, Horse Flower, Elderberries and flowers, wood sorrel, Cep Mushrooms and many other types of forest mushrooms. All there wild elements enhance the experience in the Munster Room Restaurant giving more to the flavour of the dishes in the restaurant.

Don't take our word for it, experience this beautiful Island for yourself...