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Green Policy

At Waterford Castle we feel that being environmentally friendly and conscious of the world around us is more important than ever. We feel very passionately and have therefore implemented a range of practices and procedures that help us work towards protecting the world we live in for future generations.

We provide thorough training to all our staff to ensure they can apply environmentally friendly practices both in the workplace and also in their daily lives. We are very proud to do what we can for the environment. We hope that our best practices will encourage individuals and other companies to see how important it is to take care of the world we live in, so we can all attempt to work together towards a more sustainable, cleaner and brighter future.

Water and waste reduction are a large priority for us at Waterford Castle. We understand that excessive water and waste is a huge energy drain, and as we strive to continue reduce our carbon footprint, we have taken many actions to prevent the waste of water and goods. We have also implemented strategies to reduce our energy consumption and continue to do so.

At Waterford Castle we undertake the following green initiatives: 
  • Installation of energy efficient light bulbs
  • Encouraging guests to participate in our green efforts with towel and linen policies
  • The wood for our fireplace in the Lobby is collected from fallen trees on the Island
  • We plant native trees, plants and flowers while also encouraging natural wild areas 
  • We have bee hives on the Island
  • We use our leftover coffee grounds for the flowers on the Resort
  • Some of our leftover food waste is taken home by staff for animal feed on farms
  • Monitor our energy consumption of gas, electricity and water
  • Use e-mail where possible to reduce the use of paper
  • Our staff reuse paper and are encouraged to "think twice" before printing
  • Encouraging staff to cycle, walk, take the bus or carpool to work
  • Printer cartridges are recycled
  • Operating a ‘switch off’ policy for office staff to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use
  • Our Chefs use organic produce, seasonal vegetables and local produce to reduce food miles and food waste
  • We have a small garden area to grow herbs and garnish for the Restaurant
  • We have vegan and vegetarian menus readily available for guests
  • We use fair trade tea, coffee and ethically sourced produce
  • Soap dispensers are used in public toilets to reduce the waste from under-utilised soap bars
  • Bulk purchasing is also used where possible to minimise packaging and delivery.
  • Single use coffee cups are compostable 
  • Our Green Team meets monthly to discuss progress and new ideas

In addition, we are also working towards the following green goals:
  • Phasing out our single use plastic toiletries in rooms and replacing them with refillable dispensers
  • Provision of secure bike parking to encourage cycling
  • Expansion of our kitchen garden 
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging facilities

We welcome all support in achieving our green goals and we appreciate any recommendations you have to further improve our environmental performance.

We are continually making efforts to improve our sustainability at Waterford Castle Resort, and we hope these efforts will improve your experience with us. We are always open to new ideas and we welcome any suggestions that will help reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the Resort maintains the highest sustainability standards as Waterford's most luxurious hotel. 

Contact our Green Team Ambassadors at info@waterfordcastleresort.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Waterford Castle is continually striving to be an eco friendly Resort. There are number of green initiatives and eco policies across the Island Resort including energy conservation, locally and ethically sourced produce, reducing food and water waste, removing single use plastics and more.
Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort in Waterford works hard to be environmentally conscious and sustainable for the future.